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He that uses his hands is a labourer. He who uses his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who uses his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. ~ St. Francis of Assisi


Divada Hand Crafted Kitchens is a family-owned business with experience spanning 3 generations. A master carpenter and fine cabinetmaker, Antonino Brancato immigrated to Canada in 1950 and began operating his business as Nino’s Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Scarborough.  For 30 years he maintained a small and successful workshop.  During that time, his son-in-law Michael worked with him learning the trade before pursuing the development of other related business ventures.  Antonino’s grandson, Anthony, remembers well his regular childhood trips to the carpentry shop in Scarborough where his early fascination with woodworking began – even though he was only allowed to sweep the floors! Today, Michael and Anthony Sgambelluri head up the Divada team, carrying on a tradition which began over 40 years ago.  They’ve been building kitchens together for over a decade, inspired by the master craftsmanship of a past generations, integrating creative designs and new concepts using the latest technology in kitchen renovation.


Michael Sgambelluri
Owner & Lead Designer
Known for being overly opinionated about kitchens, Michael has been designing and building them for over 40 years. “Most people don’t know where to begin,” Michael says. He’ll sit down with clients, listen to their wants and needs, and before the consultation is over he’s able to share concepts that people immediately fall in love with. Often, clients tell Michael how he has regenerated their excitement and passion for their new kitchens. ” That’s the highest compliment anyone can give me!” explains Michael. Michael has had several businesses over the years, including a residential/commercial construction company, hair salons and a pizzeria. Each required a great deal of creativity, and those experiences have given him the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful custom kitchen renovation company. Just don’t get him started on who makes the best pizza!
Anthony Sgambelluri
Owner & Lead Cabinetmaker
Anthony developed a passion for woodworking at an early age. He watched his father constantly surrounded by woodworking tools and spent many Saturdays in his grandfather’s woodworking shop helping out. He took woodworking courses throughout grade school and high school, and he began to hone his skills as a cabinetmaker working for Whipple Tree Kitchens. It was there that Anthony perfected the skills of door construction using traditional joinery methods. After working for few other shops in the Greater Toronto Area, Anthony decided to join his father and together they opened Divada Kitchens.
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