Renovation Services

From concept to completion, we build hand-crafted kitchens and custom bathrooms for clients in King, Caledon, Newmarket, Aurora and Toronto. It all starts with an in-home consultation. We use the latest renovation hardware and technology to create highly functional, customized kitchens and bathrooms.


First we prep the room for renovation and construction. We lay protective plywood on the existing floor to avoid damage, and seal off rooms and hallways to prevent unwanted dust. We even place filters on the cold air return vents to keep all ducts clean.

Electrics & plumbing

Good lighting is essential for function. Pot lights add warmth to any room; increasing options for LED lights help reduce energy costs. Undermount lights and decorative pendant lighting can compliment your kitchen and soften the tone for entertaining guests. Kitchen and bathroom faucets can be articulated to constant temperature. We’ll share lots of lighting and faucet design options for you to choose from. and make sure they’re fitted correctly.


Seen by some as a mundane task, we believe it’s an important finishing touch. Which is why we employ highly-skilled painters to ensure the job is done right. We can help you choose the right colours and sheen (yes, sheen is very important) to harmonize textures and materials.


The foundation of every room. With so many options, where to you begin?  Hardwood flooring in the kitchen will add an elegant contrast and warmth to any off-white kitchen. But hardwood might not be the best option for larger families or families with pets. We’ll work with you and explain the pros and cons of each type of material and its durability, including heated flooring options, latest porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles and more. All flooring installations, including hardwood and tile, are taken care of by qualified renovation professionals.


Another important aspect to the finished room. Whether it be a kitchen backsplash or a complete bathroom makeover. We can assist you in choosing the type of tile you need, the look you desire and make sure they are installed with a professional touch.


Hand-crafted, solid wood cabinetry, we never use fillers. All of our cabinets are manufactured in our 8000 sq/ft facility located in the village of Schomberg, in King Township. Each cabinet is hand-crafted from start to finish by the same individual. Then they are sent to our own finishing department. We use high solid lacquer and oil rubbed stains plus other various techniques to ensure a custom finish. Cabinetry is then assembled in-shop and later installed by the same cabinetmakers who built them. Precise quality from start to finish; whether it is for your kitchen, a bathroom vanity, fireplace mantle, wall unit or custom piece.

Custom granite and quartz countertops

The number of countertop choices has increased in recent years, thanks to sophisticated technology. We’ll help you understand each type of material and is practicality. You’ll hand-select your own material to be templated and installed by our own qualified installers.

Stair refacing

This is a service that’s been increasing in popularity because it’s a time- and cost-effective project that gives great results. Clients are amazed at how this can change the look of the whole space, not just the staircase.

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